Public speaking


Focus Inside - Speaker on Panel: How is technology changing us and what can we do about it?

17th April 2018

22nd March 2018 Cambridge University Psychiatry Lecture

Gambling Disorder in the UK: An Overview

10th March 2018 Royal Society of Medicine Mental Health and Me Series.

Talk on “Doctors with Depression” and interviewed a doctor/patient.

25th February 2018  Yokohama  Japan

Keynote:  “Gambling Disorder in the UK: An Overview of Treatment”

8th February 2018

Forest School Talk on “Medical Careers, Psychiatry and Behavioural Addictions” to Sixth Formers. London.

February 1st 2018

Mental Health Foundation Podcast on “Women,Science and Medicine”  Royal College of Psychiatrists

September 12th 2017

Chaired an afternoon on Gambling Disorder in Women for the launch of the book

‘Gambling Disorder in Women: An International Female Perspective on treatment and Research’ Bowden-Jones & Prever Rutledge 2017

Portcullis House.1 Parliament St, Westminster London.

12th October Digital Families Conference

Invited speaker on “Online Risks to Young People and Digital Harm panel”

Business Design Centre London.

19th October Academic Psychiatry Talk on “Gambling Disorder in the UK: An Overview”

The Redwoods Centre Shrewsbury

24th October 2017

Keynote “Gambling as a Public Health issue”

Lisbon Addictions International Conference Portugal

27th October 2017

International Society of Addiction Medicine Annual Conference Abu Dhabi

Talk: “The convergence of Gaming and gambling Disorder”

November 7th 2017

Talked on Internet addiction at the launch of the book “Are we all addicts now?’  (Co-author on book)

Central St Martins,London

December 12th Donmar Warehouse Charity Talk to young people

“Internet,Mental Health and Becoming a doctor”

9th January 2017 Imperial College Gambling Disorder and Behavioural Addictions Lecture

Charing Cross Campus London

19th January 2017  Imperial College

Translational Neuroscience Lecture on Behavioural Addictions

Hammersmith Campus

26th January Masterclass for Directors of Public Health England

Lecture on Gambling Disorder


23rd June 2017 Public Health England lecture on Pathological Gambling: Prevention and Treatment.  

16th May 2017  7th Edition of the International Forum Innovations in Psychiatry (INNOPSY) Milan. Title of talk: ‘Young people, Substance Misuse, Addictions and Bipolar Affective Disorder’ 

12th May 2017 Chair of Medical Women’s Federation Neuroscience session 

9th May 2017 Chair of Power, Hubris and Gender session at the Royal Society of Medicine. 

4th May 2017 Guild of Pastoral Psychologists, London.  Title of Talk:  Pathological Gambling: An illness of our time.  Essex Church, London.

28th April 2017 Royal College of Psychiatrists Addictions Annual meeting. Title of talk: ‘New directions in the Treatment of Behavioural Addictions’

17th March 2017 Invited to give inaugural Medical Alumnae Society After Dinner Speech on my career in Medicine. James Allen School for Girls, London. 

15th March 2017 Queensgate School, London. Lunchtime lecture to pupils on ‘Gaming and Internet Addiction’

7th march 2017 Women in Medicine/ Surgery Evening Lecture.  Invited to give a lecture on my career in Medicine’   Bart’s London Surgical Society  Milton Lecture Theatre, University of London.

10th February 2017 Imperial College MSc Translational Neuroscience lecture on Neuroscience of Behavioural Addictions. Wolfson Building, Hammersmith Campus

10th January 2017 Imperial College Neuroscience of Addictions Lecture on Behavioural Addictions. Charing Cross Campus

17th November 2016 Milan Universita’ Statale Facolta’ di Medicina.  Title of talk : ‘Pathological Gambling:Diagnosis and Treatment’

24th October Institute for Public Policy Research.   Title of talk ‘Harm and Pathological Gambling.’

20th October 2016 International Society of Addiction Medicine Meeting, Montreal. Title of Talk: “ Profiling the Forensic Gambler”

20th September  European Lotteries Keynote. Pathological Gambling in the Workplace. Paris.

15th september 2016 Behavioural Addictions: an Update. St George’s  Psychiatry Training scheme Academic programme, Springfield University Hospital.

6 September 2016 World Health Organisation meeting on Mental and Behavioural disorders associated with excessive use of the internet and other communications. Department of Health, Hong Kong. Gave a lecture by video link on ” Gaming Disorder in the UK: Epidemiology and Case Studies” 

3 September 2016 ISBRA/ESBRA World Congress on Alcohol and Alcoholism. Title of talk: “Pathological gambling in ICD11: Addiction or Impulse Control Disorder?” Berlin.

19 July 2016  House of Lords Select Committee. Gave expert evidence on Young People and the Internet.

16 July 2016. National Council on Problem Gambling Annual Conference. Lecture title: “Gender differences in Treatment Seeking Pathological Gamblers”. Tarrytown, NY.

8 June 2016 16th International Conference on Gambling and Risk-Taking. Lecture title: ” Binge Gambling: Who is at Risk?” Las vegas, Nevada, USA.

23 May 2016 Artist lecture at Peer Gallery, London. Art of Science Talk on “The Neurobiology of Addictions and its relevance to art”

3 May 2016 UKSAD Conference. Lecture title: ” Pathological Gambling: An Update” Royal Garden Hotel, London.

19 April 2016 Advances in Psychiatric Treatment Conference. Lecture Title : “Gambling Addiction”. Royal College of Physicians, London.

7 April 2016 Lisbon SICAD Conference. Lecture title: ” Interventions and Quality in Behavioural Addictions” Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lison, Portugal.

15 March 2016 International Conference on Behavioural Addictions.  Lecture title: “Neurobiology of Gambling Disorder”. International Conference Centre, Geneva, Switzerland.

11 March 2016 Southbank Centre: Women of the World Festival. Mentor at Mass Speed Mentoring Event.

8th March 2016 The Future of Psychiatry Conference. Lecture on “Internet Addiction Disorder‘ Royal Society of Medicine.

3rd March 2016 Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Annual Conference, Glasgow. Plenary lecture ‘ Pathological Gambling and Crime: Research from the National Problem Gambling Clinic’s Forensic Database’

24th February 2016 20th Congress of the Italian Society of Psychopathology, Milan, Italy. Keynote : Neurobiological Substrates and Medical Management of Gambling Addiction’.

1st February 2016 University of Leeds School of Design. Lecture on ‘The Art of Science’

26 January 2016 Imperial College Neuroscience Lecture. ‘ Neurobiology of Behavioural Addictions’

19 November 2015 International pathways of Psychiatry, Rome. Keynote: Pathological Gambling: An Overview’

6 th November 2015 Medical Women’s Federation Autumn Conference, London. ‘When Father kills Mother’ An Interview with Dr Dora Black. The first of a series of public interviews for MWF by Dr Bowden-Jones of influential medical doctors who have changed the landscape of current medicine.

5th October 2015 International Society of Addiction Medicine Annual Meeting. Dundee. ‘Binge Gambling and how to screen for it in a clinical context’.

3 October 2015 Southbank Literary Festival. On Panel ‘ Selfie Consciousness: Narrating the Self online’

28th August 2015 Edinburgh Literary Festival On Virago Panel ‘The Female Gaze’ Talking about Impulsivity and gender differences.

19th July 2015 Latitude Festival in Literary Tent. Interviewed writers Matt Haig and Richard Mabey on their autobiographical books about depression.

June 13th 2015 Impulsivity and cognitive Distortions in Pathological Gambling . Lecture given at the International Psychiatric Meeting in Brescia, Italy.

22nd May 2015 Hay on Wye Literary Festival. Gave a talk about my blog ‘ The Art of Science

19th May 2015 Behavioural Addictions: A Clinical Overview. Lectured to General Practitioners in central London as part of their Continuing Professional Development.

April 14th 2015 Pathological Gambling Conference: Nibionno Italy. Milan University Bicocca event. Title of talk: The National Problem Gambling Clinic: An Overview

17th March 2015 Presented research at the International Conference on Behavioural addictions: Budapest. Title of talk: Impulsivity and Gambling Type in treatment Seeking Problem Gamblers: a multidimensional analysis. The talk was based on our research at the National Problem Gambling Clinic.

9th March 2015. Lectured occupational physicians on ‘ Depression in the Workplace: how to spot it and how to treat it. Society of Occupational Medicine meeting , London.

9th March 2015 Gave a lecture on ‘The Brain and how it works’ to a primary school inLondon

6th March 2015 Women of The World Festival at Southbank, London. Invited to be on the of Mentors inspiring younger generations of women.

11th February 2015 Gave a talk at the How To Academy on The Neuroscience of Decision Making.

27th January 2015 Lectured at Imperial college on The Neuroscience of Behavioural Addictions

25th January 2015Radio 3 Private Passionsinterviewed by Michael Berkley about her life and music choices. You can hear the interview including mymusicalchoices in the Media section of this website.

3rd December Speaker on Panel at Professional Players Federation Conference on mental health in Sport. The dicussion was recorded for broadcasting on Radio 5 Live . Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham.

28th November 2014 Winner of Women of Achievement Award 2014, Health Category. Made an acceptance speech at the Women in the City Annual Lunch at Plaisterers’ Hall, London.

26th November 2014 On Panel: ‘Internet Use and mental Health‘ Goldsmith University.

21st November 2014 Lectured at Imperial College on ‘ Epidemiology of Global Mental Health‘.

13th November 2014 On Q & A Panel on stage at Soho Theatre on the subject of Wet Houses and Alcohol Dependency following the play Wet House.

10th November 2014 Keynote Speaker and panellist at Neil’s Yard’s London College of Fashion Annual Lecture, London.Title of Talk: Shopping Addiction: Myth or Reality?

6th November 2014 Keynote Speaker at Human Interactive Conference, Goldsmith University, London.

Title of talk: ‘ Internet Addiction Disorder : A Modern Illness

3rd November 2014 Keynote Speaker at Smart Recovery Annual Conference.

Title of talk: ‘Substance Misuse: An Update

28th October 2014 Keynote Speaker at Action on Addiction’s Annual Conference in Salisbury.

Title of talk: ‘ Addiction and its Limits‘ .

16th October 2014 Speaker at a Roundtable on World regulations on Pathological Gambling. Delivered a talk on ‘ Gambling: The Hidden Addiction and current UK Legislation‘ Rome, Italy.

15th October 2014 Keynote lecture ‘ Working towards a Harm Index in Pathological Gambling‘ . Conference: Gambling:More then a new Addiction. Rome , Italy.

14th October 2014 Keynote on Pathological Gambling. University of Hertfordshire.

9th October 2014 Gave an evening talk on Global Mental Health at Nightingale Hospital , London.

8th October 2014 Gave a talk on ‘ The Neuroscience of Decision Making‘ at the Editorial Intelligence Seminars, Somerset House.

4th October 2014 International Society of Addiction Medicine 16th Meeting, Yokohama, Japan. Gave two talks, one in ‘ New Data on Gambling Behaviours Symposium‘ and the other in ‘ Interventions for Problem Gambling Symposium‘.

30th September 2014 Invited Speaker at Centre for Social Justice Roundtable on Problem Gambling at Conservative Party Political Conference, Birmingham.

29th September 2014 Panel Judge at the Behavioural Economics Event held at the Conservative Party Political conference, Birmingham.

27th September 2014 Southbank Centre Web We Want Event. Speaker on the ‘Is the Web Rewiring our Brains?‘ Panel.

22nd September 2014 Invited Speaker at Centre for Social Justice Roundtable on Problem Gambling at Labour Party Political Conference. Manchester

19th July 2014 Invited speaker Wellcome Neuroscience Hut Latitude Music Festival. Title of talk ‘ From Amphetamines to Z-Drugs: The A to Z of Addiction and Compulsive behaviours.

5th July 2014 Keynote speaker Royal Society of Medicine Medical Innovations Summit. Royal Society of Medicine, London.

3 July 2014 Shortlisted for PUBLIC EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR PRIZE. Royal College of Psychiatrists.

June 2014 Runner Up Prize Winner for Photography Competition at Imperial College with photo ‘Two Brains’

29 June 2014 Invited toJudge at Institute of Ideas Debating MattersNational Finals. British Library, London.

27June 2014 Invited speaker at theRoyal college of Psychiatrists International Congress, Barbican, London. Title of talk ‘ Addiction in Sport

23rd June 2014: Interviewed onWomen’s Hour on Radio 4.

May 2014 Keynote speaker at Pint of Science Wellcome evening. ‘ Are you an Internet Addict?

May 2014 Keynote at Medical Women’s Federation. Invited to talk about her career in recognition of her achievements in Medicine.

2014 Chosen by the Welcome Trust to curate their 2017 future exhibition on Gambling and Risk

October 2013Barbican Battle of Ideas Festival: Invited speaker.’What is Addiction?’

July 2013 invited to attend the Ashes Dinner at Lords in recognition of her contributions to the field of mental health in sport and her work with the Professional Cricketers Association.

June 2013 attended the Clinton Foundation Dinner in London.

June 2013 she recorded a podcast for the Royal College of Psychiatrists interviewing a patient on their recovery from Alcohol Addiction. Available to hear on the Royal college of Psychiatrists website

April 2013. She was interviewed about her career at the Barbican’s Packed Lunch Arts and Science on the Brain event. ( A Barbican and Welcome Trust partnership event)

April 2013 Henrietta had the honour of being invited to give aTEDMED Lecture about her career and lifelong work in the field of Addictions. This is available to view

February 2013 TheFinancial Times published an interview with Henrietta on her work at the NHS clinic she founded, focussing primarily on her work with city traders. (The Risk Addicts FT MagazineFeb 1st 2013)

In 2012 theWelcome Institute invited her to conduct a personal career tour of the Brains: The Mind as matter exhibition.

In 2012 she was invited to speak at Oxford University’s The Art of Research seminar on the topic ‘‘The Brain in Art”. A podcast is available via Oxford University.

In 2012 she was invited to be one of theWomen of the Year at the Lunch in recognition of her work in Addictions.

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