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Abstract:The prevalence of pathological gambling is 3.4% to 6% in treated Parkinson”s disease, which is higher than the background population rate. In this review we discuss current evidence to indicate that dopamine agonists are much more likely to trigger this behavior than either L-dopa or selective monoamine oxidase B inhibitor monotherapy. New insights from recent behavioral and functional imaging studies and possible treatment approaches are also covered. A PubMed literature search using the terms “gambling” and “Parkinson”s disease,” “impulse control disorder,” “impulsive compulsive behaviour,” “dopamine agonist,” of individual dopamine agonists, and of ongoing drug trials, using, was carried out for the period up to January 2011. 2011 Movement Disorder Society.

Pathological gambling and the treatment of psychosis with aripiprazole: Case reports                                                                                                         British Journal of Psychiatry, August 2011, vol./is. 199/2(158-159), 0007-1250;1472-1465 (August 2011)                                                              Authors:Smith N., Kitchenham N.,Bowden-Jones H.

Abstract:This paper details three case reports that suggest that pathological gambling activity may have been adversely modified following treatment for psychosis with the antipsychotic aripiprazole. These reports are discussed in the context of previous observations of the potential impact of aripiprazole on impulse control and the implications such observations could have for clinical practice and future research.

Pathological gambling: A neurobiological and clinical update                   British Journal of Psychiatry, August 2011, vol./is. 199/2(87-89), 0007-1250;1472-1465 August 2011     Authors:Bowden-Jones H., Clark L.

Abstract:A proposed merging of pathological gambling with the drug addictions in the forthcoming DSM-5 prompts an overview of the neurobiological data showing similarities between these conditions, as well as an update on national trends in gambling behaviour and current treatment provision.

”You never told me I would turn into a gambler”: a first person account of a dopamine agonist- induced gambling addiction in a patient with restless legs syndrome.                   BMJ Case Reports 2011: doi;10.1136/bcr          Authors:H.Bowden-Jones, S. George.

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Abstract:Addiction to gambling tends to be a hidden problem but now the UK”s first NHS-funded treatment unit is attempting to tackle it.               Problem Gambling Leaflet for Royal College of Psychiatrists                       Royal College of Psychiatrists Public Education Editorial Board.  Author:Bowden-Jones H.2009

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Risk-taking on tests sensitive to ventromedial prefrontal cortex dysfunction predicts early relapse in alcohol dependency: A pilot study                       Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 2005, vol./is. 17/3(417-420), 0895-0172 (2005)

Authors:Bowden-Jones H., McPhillips M., Rogers R., Hutton S., Joyce E.

Abstract:Twenty one patients in a residential rehabilitation program fulfilling International Classification of Diseases-10 (ICD) criteria for alcohol dependence syndrome were recruited. On neuropsychological tests, alcohol dependent patients relapsed early if they made choices governed by immediate gain irrespective of later outcome, which is consistent with dysfunctional ventromedial-prefrontal cortex mediating the inability to resist the impulse to drink.