Action on Addiction Concert, 2019

“Taking Action on Addiction is a campaign to improve understanding of addiction and end the stigma that surrounds it. The charity calls for addiction to be treated as a serious mental health condition and for increased access to support so that recovery can be possible for everyone.

The aim is to build compassion and understanding around addiction and support people to ask for help without judgement, discrimination or stigma. Anyone can be affected by addiction and everyone deserves the help they need to overcome it.

Taking Action on Addiction is a partnership of charities who believe in working together to bring about the change so badly needed to help more people and families find recovery.”

Action on Addiction Fundraising Concert, 2019
Organised by Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Trustee

Opening speech by Henrietta Bowden-Jones.  Keynote talk given by Lord Chadlington
The international soprano, Nazan Fikret, sang a range of pieces from Mozart to Hammerstein.

Action on Addiction