The Times, News: Child in every secondary class has gambling issue, 11th November 2022
Andrew Ellson, Consumer Affairs Correspondent

One child in every secondary school class has a gambling problem or is at risk of developing one, the Gambling Commission has found.

Andrew Ellson, Consumer Affairs Correspondent reports & quotes Henrietta Bowden-Jones,  Director of the National Problem Gambling Clinic:

“there is not enough protection of children when it comes to exposure to gambling cues … adverts on social media or gambling logos and ads when sports are being watched.  Gambling has been normalised in an ever-increasing manner over the past 15 years since the implementation of the 2005 Gambling Act.

“[This is] a generation who no longer see gambling as something that belongs to the adult world.  It is now seen as a common pastime and within reach due to the internet and to its close links to sport.  There is an urgent need to review this exposure in the Gambling Review in order to reverse the process and protect future generations.”

She added: “The number of girls gambling is a further indication that gender and youth are no longer the barriers they once were and this could potentially be due to social media and the ubiquitous nature of the internet.”

The Times, News, 11.11.22
Andrew Ellson, Consumer Affairs Correspondent

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